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Probate And Trusts: The Answers You Need

When someone passes away, different things can happen to their assets. Some people direct their remaining property and funds directly to their heirs through a will, while others have trusts that take effect and determine asset use.

Whichever situation you are facing, the attorneys at Morris & Morris, can give you professional guidance that is tailored to you. We have served clients throughout Pasadena and Southern California since 1997, and we look forward to putting that experience to work on your behalf.

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Probate: What Does California Require?

Probate is the process by which a will is validated and carried out by the estate executor. If this process has fallen to you, some of the tasks you need to perform include:

  • Identifying and contacting the heirs and beneficiaries of the will
  • Taking inventory of all assets and debts and establishing their value
  • Settling the debts of the estate, including taxes and creditor claims
  • Maintaining detailed accounting records, including asset sales
  • Publishing and bonding the estate

These tasks can take up to a year or longer, depending on the complexity of the estate. Our probate lawyers can advise you of the most efficient approach, while also maintaining compliance with all relevant laws.

Trust Administration

Being a trustee is a big responsibility, and it is also something that most people do not have experience with. If you are in the position of administering a trust, we will do a full analysis of the trust’s terms and develop a plan for how you should proceed. By involving an attorney from the very beginning, you will not only reap legal benefits, but you will also add a layer of emotional security if you are closely related to the beneficiaries of the trust itself.

In addition to settling debts, creating an inventory and keeping accounting records, you may also need to retitle and distribute assets. We can help you with this step as well.

Your Loved One Just Passed Away. What Should You Do?

Please contact us as soon as you can to discuss your particular situation. In California, there are certain things that you need to do immediately and other things that can wait until you have had time to process the event. After assessing the estate, we will advise you of the exact steps you should take now and the steps you should take later. During this difficult time, our goal is to provide you with swift, efficient legal advice that makes your life as easy as possible.

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