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Whether you need legal guidance in your immediate future or in order to make long-term plans, Morris & Morris will provide the answers you need with clarity and empathy.

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A Family-Owned Estate Planning And Probate Firm

Are you seeking solid estate planning advice that can stand the test of time? Are you overwhelmed by the probate process?

At Morris & Morris, we will respond to both your current needs and long-range goals. Our family-owned firm of skilled lawyers has served people like you in Los Angeles County, the San Gabriel Valley of California since 1997. Regardless of your legal needs, we have the knowledge and skills to educate, counsel and guide you toward a positive outcome.

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Whether you are planning for the distant future or facing the probate process after a recent and painful loss, we understand what you are going through, and we are here to help. We have the experience and knowledge to provide sound legal advice and the compassion to help you deal with sensitive legal issues. We never elevate your hopes without reason, and we always encourage realistic expectations.

At Morris & Morris, we have the experience, the commitment and the compassion you need from probate and estate planning attorneys. We want you to be able to call upon us for honest answers and creative solutions, for many years to come.

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