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What are some warning signs when choosing an executor?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Estate Planning |

While writing your will and thinking about your estate after your death, you may start to wonder who would work best as your executor. Trying to choose between different family members and friends may feel hard at times since they may all potentially fit.

One way to find the best choice is to make sure this person does not have any major issues with this job.


According to the AARP, an executor needs to submit important documents related to the estate on time, in addition to using estate money to pay off all the deceased person’s debts.

Due to these responsibilities, an executor should be an organized and trustworthy person in all situations. You may need to watch out for people who often lie or mismanage money, including stealing it.

Minimal or bad communication

Talking often with beneficiaries is an important part of being an executor since this person works closely with loved ones and family members. Another part of an executor’s job is handling any assets or heirlooms and making sure each beneficiary gets what is in the will. Failing to communicate clearly or frequently may lead to trouble.

Favoritism or bias

An executor also needs to learn how to handle arguments or disagreements without becoming angry or petty. They should not show any particular bias toward one party, such as showing favoritism to one of your children over the other.

When dealing with everyone involved, an executor should have the emotional and practical skills needed and avoid any negative traits or actions.