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Protecting Your Parental Rights in California

The Family Law Offices to Turn To When Paternity Becomes an Issue

Are you seeking to establish paternity of your child?

If you want to be closer to your child, or if you are unclear as to your parental rights, contact the attorneys of Morris & Morris in Arcadia, California.

Since the founding of our client-centered, family law firm in 1997, we have assisted many clients in obtaining paternity information and establishing their parental rights.

Call Morris & Morris toll free for a free initial consultation. If you want to establish your right to actively participate in your child’s formative years, we want to help you get there. We work hard to protect your rights and interests every step of the way.

Uncertain About Parentage? Seeking DNA Testing? Our Lawyers Can Help.

Our versatile family lawyers can represent either side in a paternity case — that of a mother seeking to establish a right to child support for her child, or that of a father who wants secure his rights to visitation and involvement in his child’s life. We will help you work toward achieving your goals and we are prepared to litigate if needed.

In some circumstances, it is necessary to obtain a court order for DNA testing in order to establish paternity of a child. We will handle your case discreetly and professionally. Paternity issues are sensitive matters, and they can sometimes become bitter or contentious. We try to handle these matters in a way that encourages cooperation because the best interests of the child are better served by parents who can work together.

After paternity of a child has been established, there may be a number of other issues that arise such as visitation, child support and child custody. At Morris & Morris, we can help you sort out these issues and attempt to find workable solutions that benefit both parents and the child.

Let our family help your family. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.