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Custody & Visitation

California Custody and Visitation Lawyers

Are disagreements over child custody and visitation issues holding up your California divorce? Are you being left out of important decisions affecting your child’s future? Are you wondering what will happen to your visitation rights if you have to relocate for your job?

If you need answers to questions like these, please contact the experienced family law attorneys at Morris & Morris, in Arcadia, California.

Our client-centered and family-owned law firm focuses on reaching reasonable agreements to visitation and child custody matters that are in the best interests of the children, whether in a litigated custody matter or an uncontested divorce. However, we are prepared to litigate these issues if that is the only way to accomplish a workable solution for you.

Find out what the skilled lawyers at Morris & Morris can do for you, regarding your custody and visitation matters. We have helped many clients just like you since founding our firm in 1997. Call our toll-free phone number to schedule a free initial consultation.

Burdened With Custody and Visitation Issues? Morris & Morris Can Help.

What we want to avoid, if at all possible, is allowing a child to be caught between feuding parents. If parents refuse to stop arguing and resist reasonable recommendation, a court will step in a make final custody and visitation determinations.

Our full-service family law attorneys will carefully explain to you the differences between legal, physical and joint custody. We can also help with modifications of these portions of your divorce settlement agreement, in of the event you experience a loss of income, remarriage or a “move away” for business purposes.

Let our family take care of your family. Contact the attorneys of Morris & Morris to schedule your free initial consultation.