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Do You Have Difficulties With Child Support?

Has child support become points of contention in your contested or uncontested divorce? Are the obligations in your divorce settlement going unsatisfied? Are you receiving too little child support? Are you worried about inconsistent payments?

At Morris & Morris, we seek amicable agreements regarding support matters whenever possible, but we are also prepared to litigate if that is the best method available to accomplish your goals.

We know that child support provides needed financial security as you face an uncertain future. We also understand that economic realities can leave many people out of work, limiting their ability to pay.

Whatever your situation, our family-focused lawyers can supply you and your family with proven solutions. We are happy to handle every detail and address any question or concern you might have. We serve clients throughout Pasadena and the Los Angeles area.

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We are happy to explain the basics of child support guidelines and calculations. The guidelines generally will dictate that a paying parent devote a certain percentage of his or her income as child support. We can help you determine a division of expenses for a child’s education and medical care if that is not covered by the child support payments.

If your personal, career or financial circumstances change, and you need to modify child support payments, we can represent you in your request to update or enforce a support obligation.

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